Saturday, June 11, 2011

Links from WGDForum Meeting

Ok, here are the links to the jQuery Plugins that I discussed at the WGDForum meeting.

imageZoom This is a simple to used magnifier for an image on the page. You need to supply both a small image and the larger (hidden) image. Neat effect, but since the larger image will increase you page's load time, you'll want to use this sparingly.

textLimit a quick way to provide feedback to the user about the amount of space remaining in a text field and to limit the input to a specified length

ajaxFileUpload Ok, this isn't really using AJAX to upload files since that isn't possible, but the effect is the same.

chronoStrength This is a neat way to get your users to use stronger passwords. I intend to add this to several of my web applications.

aero-window Vista / Windows 7 style aero "windows". Nice effect

GSUGGEST A simple Google style suggest. Suggestion can be provided via either inline code or from the server via AJAX

double select list A simple double list where the second list changes based on the selection in the first list.

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